• Clinisoothe: Impressing Experts & Revolutionising Skincare

    Clinisoothe is impressing experts with its effectiveness in combatting numerous skin issues. It helps reduce spots and acne, calm rashes and outbreaks, including eczema, and prevents the skin from being exposed to air pollutants. 
  • Sustainable Beauty at Lamb and Lowe

    What is Green Beauty?

    An increase in greenhouse gases, deforestation, and endangered animals means it is more important than ever that a change happens in human behaviour.
    Beauty companies can help by creating realistic objectives such as making their production line, ingredients, and packaging more eco-conscious.

    Collectively, these aims can help them to become a ‘green brand’. 

  • Black Lava Face Mask by Angan Icelandic Skincare

    Black Lava Face Mask Product Review by Bethany 

    Angan Skincare is enriched with arctic botanicals to nourish and protect the skin provided by Icelandic nature.

    The ‘Black Lava Face Mask’ encompasses mineral rich volcanic particles to suitable for problematic skin, it helps remove unwanted toxins from the skin, brightening skin tone and treating breakouts, say goodbye to macne!