Black Lava Face Mask by Angan Icelandic Skincare

Angan Skincare is enriched with arctic botanicals to nourish and protect the skin provided by Icelandic nature


The ‘Black Lava Face Mask’ encompasses mineral rich volcanic particles suitable for problematic skin, it helps remove unwanted toxins from the skin, brightening skin tone and treating breakouts, say goodbye to macne!

Bethany, trialled the product and found the following:

I was initially impressed with the packaging which I noted was sustainable, unboxing revealed a volcanic like ash when mixed with water creates a gritty thick paste.

Importantly, Angan Skincare is plant based, cruelty free and Vegan!

When I applied the mask, my face was cooled instantly, concentrating on my troublesome T-Zone area.

As the active ingredients got to work it created a tingling sensation whilst the mask dried, drawing out impurities.

Doubling up as a facial scrub on removal, rubbing gently in circular motions with wet fingers helped to remove stubborn black heads leaving my face with noticeable smoother brighter skin.


Angan Skincare is special and unique because it contains:

  • Volcanic Zeolite Minerals - A volcanic source used to absorb and defuse nasties in the skin, as well as containing calcium which has anti-aging properties
  • Icelandic Volcanic Ash - The powerhouse of antibacterial, antiseptic, antioxidant minerals, removing bacteria absorbed by the skin from day-to-day life
  • Vitamin C - A popular staple in many skincare products, aiding the production of collagen and evening out skin tone
  • Nettle - Who knew?… The common stinging nettle has powerful anti-inflammatory and healing properties, perfect for troublesome skin


According to Bethany:

This product has now reserved its spot with my skincare essentials, after quickly becoming a holy grail treatment at least once a week. Tripling up as a skin brightener, detoxifier, and exfoliator it is safe to say the Angan Black Lava Face Mask has got me covered!


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