Charlotte Lambourne - 07th October 2022

Clinisoothe: Impressing Experts & Revolutionising Skincare

Clinisoothe for skin cleansing with no nasty chemicals

Clinisoothe is impressing experts with its effectiveness in combatting numerous skin issues. It helps reduce spots and acne, calm rashes and outbreaks, including eczema, and prevents the skin from being exposed to air pollutants. In 2021 Clinisoothe+ won the ‘Clever Skincare Award (WomansHome) and is continually referenced to by skin experts and celebrities such as Mandip Hill (Doctor Who) and Nathalie Eleni (makeup artist and skincare specialist).

The Secret Ingredient

What makes Clinisoothe so effective is simply one ingredient Hypochlorus Solution!

Formulation starts in a laboratory where an extraction process, using Phosphoric acid, and chemical sodium hypochlorite are used to make a hypochlorous solution.

This produces a gentle, non-toxic, highly anti-bacterial solution that is suitable for all skin types. There's no alcohol, oils or sulphates within the product.

Clinisoothe, claim that their product is ‘non-cytotoxic to human skin cells’ (in other words it can’t damage or kill the cells), therefore it is suitable to even the most sensitive skin. Clinisoothe is inclusive to all and proves that a product can contain minimal ingredients whilst being effective.

Why Clinisoothe is an essential part of your skincare regime

Not only can Clinisoothe aid with irritating and on-going skin issues, but it is also sustainable, vegan, and cruelty free. Their website states Clinisoothe is 95% widely recyclable and they have ambitious aims for the future to get this to 100%. This includes finding a recyclable alternative for the spray pump and developing a biodegradable packaging made of sugarcane by-product..

Helps with Eczema

One of the main skin issues Clinisoothe helps with is eczema. According to surveys collected by the National Eczema Association, ‘one in 10 individuals will develop eczema during their lifetime, with prevalence peaking in early childhood’.

Eczema is not going away any time soon; using a product such as Clinisoothe is a sustainable way of combating the issue without topical steroid creams. Corticosteroids (steroid creams) can cause thinning to the skin and, if they are used over a longer period of time, bad withdrawal symptoms such as peeling of the skin or open sores. Dr Anna Hemming supports the use of Clinisoothe saying, ‘we have successfully helped patients with chronic eczema and acute flare ups with Clinisoothe+. We advise applying the treatment 3x a day using a clean cotton ball or cotton pad to the affected area. It can also be used on gauze and wrapped over the skin’.

Helps with Acne & Breakouts

Clinisoothe is also a great antidote for acne and breakouts. It protects the skin from the harmful effects of exposome (pollution, UV rays, bacteria) and encourages skin growth post-irritation. The use of masks, both in a clinical sense and because of COVID19, means that there has been a rise in mask acne (or ‘maskne’). Combatting these issues with Clinisoothe is easy. Simply keep the products you use on your face minimal and ensure they let your skin breath. Once you stop wearing your mask, cleanse your face with Clinisoothe; it will combat any bacteria that’s formed on the face. If it helps, you can keep Clinisoothe with you throughout the day and spray some on your face between mask wearing! ..

Take a look at Erin's video below that shows what a difference Clinisoothe made once she introduced it into her skincare regime.

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Article credit : Charlotte Lambourne - 07th October 2022

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