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What is Green Beauty?

An increase in greenhouse gases, deforestation, and endangered animals means it is more important than ever that a change happens in human behaviour.
Beauty companies can help by creating realistic objectives such as making their production line, ingredients, and packaging more eco-conscious. Collectively, these aims can help them to become a ‘green brand’. Firstly, Green Brands offer sustainability. This can take form through a circular system of production where the product containers can be recycled or reused. On the other hand, the company can use ingredients which are easily accessible and cause no harm to the earth.

Eco-Friendly Skincare

Another way to ensure sustainability is making their products in small batches. For example, the cosmetic brand Angan is actively working towards being 100% circular and already ensures there is no over-production of their products. Furthermore, Angan uses salt by-products from a local manufacturer as one of its key ingredients. Not only does this cut down on transport emissions, but it also ensures the salt would not have been otherwise discarded. 

Green Science

Evolve, an award-winning skincare brand, emphasises its use of ‘green science’ where plants, instead of synthetic alternatives, are researched and used appropriately. They are completely transparent with their ingredients; they screen everything, and each product’s packaging displays what percent is natural and the components it contains. Trends in the market have already shown that 89% of Gen Z consumers prefer natural beauty products and that 59% are trying new skincare products. You can trust brands such as Evolve that are both honest and have quality products; you reap the benefits for your skin and conscious!

82.2 million tons of waste…

Recyclability and reusability of packaging is an additional element in the movement against unsustainable cosmetics. As deforestation increases, and more space is being used for landfill, the time for compostable and recyclable packaging is now. In the US alone, “containers and packaging make up a major portion of municipal solid waste (MSW), amounting to 82.2 million tons of waste in 2018”.

Convenient, but Conscious...

Since 2010, the French brand Lamazuna has been at the forefront of the ‘green’ movement. Lamazuna calculated that by October 2021, they had prevented over 80 million items of waste because of their zero waste products. One of their popular products, the solid facial cleanser, equates to 3 150ml bottles of liquid facial cleanser! Research suggests that more than 56% of Brits (4.5 million people) don’t recycle bathroom products because of the inconvenience. This means that brands like Lamazuna will only rise in popularity. Their minimalistic nature means they can meet the ever-growing desire for convenience.  

Vegan Stamp

Lastly, veganism constitutes part of the ‘green’ movement. The cruelty free stamp, the bunny symbol, is important in distinguishing products that are vegan. We are increasingly feeling the need to purchase products with the nationally recognised stamp on it because the exploitation of animals for ingredients testing within the beauty industry is now well known.   

Often, ingredients that are tested on by animals are not organic and natural. Companies can easily stop using animals for skincare and make their products respectable.
Ingredients such as DHA (DiHydroxyAcetone), used by St Tropez’s tanning products, is completely vegan. This is because it is a bi-product of Sugar Beet and, during the process of extraction, they add no chemicals. Moving away from animal derived ingredients and cruel testing methods is becoming the new normal. It is proven that “the benefits of vegan beauty products, incidentally, run beyond animal welfare. The three major environmental issues in the production of meat – manure processing, feed growing and climate change – make animal products the primary threat to our planet’s future.”    

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Shop Sustainable at Lamb & Lowe

So, what makes a green brand?
In summary, it is a company that incorporates sustainability, natural ingredients, recycling, and veganism into its products.
Brands that are actively using such elements are the future of the beauty industry.
You can trust in Lamb & Lowe to help you find such brands that are transparent and ethical. Have a browse of our website to be part of the future of beauty.     

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