Our Story...

It's a long story, but it all started with feet...

Owning and running a successful Podiatry practice  ‘Care For Feet’, Jo and Lee realised that many of the products they used and sold in the clinics were not available for general sale all in one place!

Lamb & Lowe was created in 2021 to bring you some of the best health, beauty, and rehab products endorsed by them.
Jo and Lee have an ethical approach to business, that is customer focused at its core both having backgrounds in retail, prestige beauty, healthcare, and customer service.




Originating in the High Peak, Derbyshire, their aim is to continue to sell new and innovative products and create employment opportunities for local people.
Our customers are ethically minded, health conscious and fashion led.
Whether it's French soap, Vegan hair care products, Icelandic face masks or skin cleansers created with recycled coffee beans, we provide a range of products and gifts that reflect the diversity of our customers.