UpCircle | Cruelty-Free Sustainable Skincare | Organic & Zero Waste | Lamb & Lowe

Founded in 2015 by siblings Anna and William Brightman, UpCircle is one of the pioneers in sustainable, cruelty free, organic, vegan skincare products.
Their idea was unique, to collect used ground coffee from the coffee houses around London and blend it with 100% natural products to create amazing skincare products many of which are now award winning!
Upcircle’s whole mission is to lessen their environmental impact, and over the last few years they have estimated to have saved over 80 tonnes of waste from landfill.
According to Anna:
"Waste is often not synonymous with beauty and glamour. What makes us different is the way we produce our product. From the beginning we set out to put waste-fighting and the circular economy at the heart of our brand. Our research showed that brewed coffee grounds have higher levels of anti-oxidants than fresh coffee.”
Our special picks at Lamb & Lowe are the Eye Cream With Maple & Coffee Oil or Facial Serum With Coffee Oil both of which help to hydrate and revitalise dark areas of the skin and signs of fatigue.