Akileine Sports Koo (50 ml)

Akileine Sports Koo (50 ml)

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Akileine Sports Koo Crackling mousse contains Arnica and Enoxolone that have soothing properties quickly calming pain associated with blows, bruises and bumps.

KOO is a specialist crackling foam that soothes shocks associated with sporting activities - providing quickly cool and calm relief for light trauma.

How to use

- Shake the aerosol well
- Spray on the affected area and massage very lightly
- Renew the application 3 times a day


INCI formula: Butane (propellant), aqua, alcohol denat, methylal, ppg-6 decyltetradeceth-30, arnica montana flower extract, glycyrrhetinic aicd, dimethicone, hydroxyethylcellulose.


Do not use on wounds, eyes and mucous membranes and in children under 3 years old

The list of ingredients may be subject to variations, please always check the list on the product.