Gehwol Warming Balm 75ml

Gehwol Warming Balm 75ml

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Ideally suited for cold feet, provides moisturising care for dry and normal skin.

Active Ingredients include: Extracts of algae, pepper, ginger, essential oils of rosemary and lavender as well as invigorating camphor helping to improve circulation and provide a warm sensation.

Dermatologically tested, Safe for Diabetics, Safe for Vegans.

Aloe vera, urea and glycerine help to improve skin moisture in a base of skin-friendly care products such as avocado oil, beeswax and lanolin.
Proven antiseptics help to prevent foot odours, infections and itching between the toes.

Daily care keeps the skin of the feet healthy and soft and imparts a pleasant warm feeling.


Suitable Conditions: Dry Skin, Foot Odour, Normal Skin, Calluses, Cold Feet
Body Area: Feet
Active Ingredients: Urea, Aloe Vera, Lavender, Essential Oils, Rosemary, Lanolin
Formulation: Cream