Simply Feet Biodegradable Double Sided Foot Rasp

Simply Feet Biodegradable Double Sided Foot Rasp

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Designed for the removal of dry skin on the bottom of your foot.

Use the Simple Feet Foot Rasp once, or if your feet are very dry, twice a week before bathing.

The curved shape improves the effectiveness in tacking dead skin and exfoliation.

Make sure you stick to the soles of your feet targeting dry, grey areas.

Key features:

  • Extra large, double sided foot file with a handle made from biodegradable plastic
  • Concave and Convex edge for a natural finish
  • It consists of 40-50% wood embedded in a matrix of biodegradable material
  • Due to its new concave shape, the foot file can easily stand pressure and quickly reduce hard skin and callus on the foot
  • Easy to grip handle

Safety Information: 

Not recommended for use by diabetics. People with circulatory disorders should seek professional medical advice before using this product.